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Tibetan Buddhist Life


Photography by Don Farber and text co-written by Rebecca Novick, Foreword by H.H. the Dalai Lama.  Presents an overview of the traditional way of life of the Tibetan people.  (DK Publishing, 2003)



“Don Farber is an old friend of the Tibetans... I am grateful to him for seeking to portray our religion and culture so vividly, often capturing not only the spectacular scene, but also the accompanying peaceful atmosphere...these photographs are accompanied by clear and succinct explanations of many aspects of Tibetan Buddhism.”  

-- From the foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“Don Farber...has a special talent for chronicling in vivid images the daily life and rituals of those who follow the Eightfold Path.  His latest offering combines sumptuous images, rich in saturated colors, with informative text; the result is a worthy one-volume introduction to the origins, history, and nature of Tibetan Buddhism.  It’s a feast for the eyes, nutrition for the mind, and a treat for the heart.”

--Yoga Journal 


“Don Farber is one of those who has made ample room in his heart and life for the people and culture of Tibet. This well-known author and photographer, who is married to a Tibetan woman, was introduced to Buddhism in the 1970s. Tibetan Buddhist Life is a lavishly and artfully produced coffee-table book with over 200 telling images, which deserves to be read and contemplated rather than merely browsed in. Apart from introducing with great sensitivity the spirituality and culture of Tibet, past and present, Farber also tells in simple terms the story of Tibetan Buddhism and its followers in the Himalayan countries and India. This richly textured volume offers a portrait of Tibet and Tibetans that is both informative and enchanting. It also gives one a strong sense that Tibet’s cultural heritage deserves to be protected and preserved.” 

--Traditional Yoga Studies


Noted photographer Don Farber gives an inside look at the history, religious practices and way of life of the Tibetan monks and the Tibetan people.  The book contains more than 200 stunning photographs, plus an informative text.”

--Journal Star


Acclaimed photographer Don Farber takes readers on a magical, mystical tour of one of the world’s threatened cultures in his book, Tibetan Buddhist Life.  

--Topeka Capital-Journal

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