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Living Wisdom with His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Box set includes a DVD with Don Farber’s photography of the Dalai Lama spanning 25 years set to Tibetan music, a study guide, photo prints with teachings on the back, and a soundtrack CD, all in a beautifully designed box. Published by Sounds True, 2006


“The DVD shows a remarkable series of images of the Dalai Lama and of Tibetan life, set to traditional music…This valuable kit for spiritual seekers makes an impressive gift for someone you care about - my copy goes to my elder son, once I've read, listened to, and contemplated it a few more times.”

~ Hilary Williamson, BookLoons Reviews


The following reviews appeared on the One Spirit book club website:


Nov 2,2006    


A great collection! 

Of all of the books I have on the Dalai Lama, this is by far the best. The inclusion of the DVD's and meditation cards are a great bonus. This collection gives special insight to the culture of Tibet with the photos and chants and is truly inspiring. Thank you One Spirit for making this available and at an affordable price.


Aug 28,2006    


This is a most beautiful set - wonderful photos, wisdom and music 

I am so lucky to have found this wonderful set. I will always treasure it. It's not only great for Buddhists, but for anyone who wishes to practice kindness and compassion. When I look at the photos I get a joyful feeling. I highly recommend this DVD, music CD, mini book of wisdom and flash cards with beautiful photos of the Dalai Lama. It even comes with a stand to put your favorite photo of the day on display for your friends and family to also enjoy.


Jul 6,2006    


A Must Have For Dalai Lama Fans 

This collection is one of the best yet, offering the profound Tibetan Buddhist teachings in a concise format. The excellent auditory and visual additions in the form of the cards, the DVD, and the CD are excellent tools for the beginner as well as the long time student. 


Jun 26,2006    


Excellent! This is a wonderful set with insightful information whether you are new to the Dalai Lama or have studied this path for years. Many of the photo cards are truly enchanting and the DVD even more so. The CD's chants, especially by the Dalai Lama can take your meditations to a deeper level. I am truly happy with this set and I will be buying more as gifts. Thank you for bringing this collection to us.

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