Projects and Highlights

The Dharma Heritage Project Special Collection  A special collection of Don Farber’s photography, audio and video recordings, and published work from the Dharma Heritage Project will become part of the Archive of Buddhism in Los Angeles in the UCLA Library Special Collection. Farber’s ten-year study of life in a Vietnamese Buddhist temple in L.A. (1977 to 1987) will be the first part of his work to become part of the special collection. The archive has been established by Distinguished Professor Robert Buswell, Director of the UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies; and Su Chen, Head of the UCLA East Asian Library. The archive will preserve and digitize Don Farber’s work so that scholars and the general public will be able to freely access the collection in perpetuity. The original materials will be housed in state-of-the-art archival conditions at the UCLA Southern Regional Library on campus.  In addition, Don Farber was extensively interviewed for the UCLA Center for Oral History Research.

Tibetan Buddhist Masters   The project continues by photographing and making video interviews with Tibetan Buddhist masters, especially the last living elder masters who received their training in the old Tibet.  The audio tapes and video interviews need to be translated, transcribed, and subtitled. 

Japanese Buddhist Life  Don Farber is currently working with the photography he did in Japan and in Los Angeles of Japanese Buddhist life between 1980 and 1993 with the goal of creating a book and exhibition of this work.